Why are right whales called that?

From: Cathy Schaeff (schaeff@american.edu)
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 10:48:19 EDT

Hi Emmanuel,

Right whales are the most endangered of the large whales, particularly the ones in the northern hemisphere. They were hunted for centuries. The right whales earned their name from fishermen. They were the 'right' whale to kill because the were easy to kill (coastal habitat), were worth a lot of money (lots of blubber and long, good quality baleen), and were easy to harvest (floated when dead because of all their blubber).

Keep asking questions!!


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  I am five years old and my Mom is helping me type this letter to you. I talk to all my friends, teachers, doctors, neighbors, even strangers at the aquarium (essentially, anyone who will listen) about marine life and answer their questions--this could take a few hours. Anyway, I really didn't know the answer to this one... why is a right whale called by that name. We can't find the answer anywhere. Please help me. Emmanuel

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