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Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 09:57:03 EDT

Hi Kayla,

Thanks for your e-mail message Blue Whales. Unfortunately, my area of expertise is manatees, not whales. However, if you access the following WhaleNet pages, you will probably find information about Blue Whales:
Search Whalenet:
Species/Classification information page:
Sound page:
Behavior page:

However, you may want to visit the following web site to find out information about careers in marine mammal science. There is a wonderful guide titled, "Strategies for Pursuing a Career in
Marine Mammal Science," that has been prepared by members of The Society for
Marine Mammalogy. It features information about the necessary educational
requirements, expected salaries, and potential employers and job
opportunities. You can find the guide online at

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    Hello!My name is Kayla and I'm doing a project on Blue Whales.We are suppoused to find an expert on our topic ,and information on them like where they work and what their job is and what they like to do.So if you would be kind enough to e-mail me back I would appericate it.


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