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Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 11:01:06 EDT

> I am interested in the circumstances that led to the demise of a blue whale on
> North Beach of the Queen Charlotte Is.three or four years ago. If you can help
> I would appreciate it.Thanx.James Kirby
Dear James,
I have not been able to find out any specific details about the demise of
the blue whale on North Beach of the Queen Charlotte Islands, in fact blue
whales seem to be growing in abundance in California waters but generally
few are seen off the coast of British Columbia. There have been recent
sightings off Langara Island in the Queen Charlottes.

Blue Whales are found throughout the world's oceans, mainly along
continental shelves and ice fronts, but also in shallow inshore regions and
in the deep ocean. In B.C., the species was most frequently encountered by
whalers off the west coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver
Island. Whalers pretty much decimated the populations of large whales like
blue and right whales.

I found interesting information about blue whales in your region at the web
site of:
The Royal British Columbia Museum
Victoria, British Columbia,

Also search WhaleNet¹s archives for more information about blue whales.
Thank you.

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