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From: Kim Marshall-Tilas (kimm@oceanalliance.org)
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 11:51:45 EDT

Dear Kim,
 First of all the web site is fascinating! My company is doing a film shoot
this weekend and my boss just asked me to get images of all whale & dolphin
species of which he thinks there are 81. I checked your question & answer
 section and see that there are about 80 different species of cetaceans.
 What I'm looking for is a resource that has images of all of these species.
Do you know of any such book? Your web site said that you have worked with
 Dr. Roger Payne--actually, he is involved in this PBS project we are
working on. Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

Hello, thank you for your kind words about our web site www.pbs.org/odyssey
and the WhaleNet site at http://whale.wheelock.edu. We are very proud to
be associated with PBS!

Regarding a good cetacean resource book, I suggest the following books:
Eyewitness Handbooks - "Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises, The Visual Guide to
all the world's cetaceans", by Mark Carwardine
"The Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins", by Stephen Leatherwood
and Randall Reeves.
Good luck with your film shoot.

Kim Marshall-Tilas
Executive Director
Ocean Alliance
(Encompassing the Whale Conservation Inst. & the Voyage of the Odyssey)
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