Whale Work in Colombia

From: kim marshall-tilas (kim_marshalltilas@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 15:34:56 EDT

Reply: Hola Diego, I will pass your request onto a colleague that is from
Colombia but is working on his Ph.d in the U.S. I will get back to you in a
few days. Thank you,

Inquiry:Dear Kim
>My name is Diego Fernando Mejia, I am a Marine Biologist and Geneticist,
>and hold a Masters in Biochemistry.
>I am interested in studying the population of humpback whales arriving to
>the Pacific Coast of my country during July and November.
>I hace long experience with molecular biology and some in field working
>with whales, and would like to work on molecular identification of these
>whales. I have access to a genetic analyzer ABI Prism 310. I would like to
>contact both researchers and foundations in order to get some info about
>protocols, primers, and experiences, and also to get some funds for this
>On the other hand, there have been watched some killer whales in our
>waters, and I am considering to extend this kind of work to orcas (I
>understand they are not vey common in tropical seas).
>Could you help me with this please?
>Thanks a lot for your kind attention. Best regards
>Diego Fernando Mejia
>A.A. 26090 Cali, Colombia
>Tel 572 - 325 2800

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