Whale or fish

From: kim marshall-tilas (kim_marshalltilas@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 15:43:06 EDT

>My question is: when did whales become animals in stead of fish?
>The reason I ask is : when Jesus was feeding 3000 peoples on the
>beach with one fish, it could hawe ben a whale? right?
>for this teory it is importent to know when this klasification was.
>Thanks, and I hope for an answer. (Norwegian=no good in english)
Your theory is interesting and logical but whales are mammals like you and
me. This means they breath air like humans and even though they live in the
water they must go to the surface to breath or they will drown. Fish get
oxygen through their gills and are a totally different kind of being.
Whales have been in existance for more than 54 million years.
Thank you for your question - let me know if you have a problem
understanding my english terms.

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