Becoming a Marine Biologist

From: Howard (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 09:04:56 EDT

Hi, my name is Hannah Roy and I'm 12 years old. I want to do something with
marine mammals. I'm not sure if a want to be Marine Mammal Scientist or a
Marine Biologist. I'm emailing you because I want to know what you do and
if you like it or not. If you could email me back I would love it. I know
I'm young but please email me back at

                                          Thank You,
                                              Hannah Roy

Dear Hannah,

         You aren't too young at all to be thinking about what you want to
do when you grow up, and I'm happy to hear that you want to be a marine
mammal scientist or a marine biologist. We have only begun to learn about
and take care of the oceans and their inhabitants, and we have so much to

         For now, until you begin to specialize your educational goals, I
would recommend that you find books, videos, websites, articles and any
other source of information about marine life, and see where your interests
lead you. Ask your teachers for advice. The WhaleNet website has a very
good section on how to start a career in marine biology or marine mammalogy
(, so you can
look there for good ideas.

I also have a very special tip for you. There is a brand new book out
called Listening to Whales - What the Orcas Have Taught Us, by Alexandra
Morton. She describes her excitement as a young girl whenever she saw
animals, and how that grew into a life of studying orcas in their natural
habitats. I think you would find much to enjoy and learn about from reading
this book. You could buy it or ask your library to get it for you.

Best of luck!


Howard Garrett
Orca Network
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