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From: Howard (
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 13:57:28 EDT

Hi my name is Bill. I'm into science big time. I'm a nature nut, as
they call them. Well anyway I wanted to know how you identify and remember
the names of the different animals in rivers, creeks, marshs, and lakes. Also
I wanted to know how many years of schooling you have to do to be an
scientist ?
Thank you for taking the time out of your work schedule to answer my
Dear Bill,

Since very few whales and dolphins live in rivers, creeks, marshes and
lakes, this question is a bit outside the range of my expertise. Each
habitat and each species would have methods that have been tested for
surveying the populations and their interactions with their surroundings
and other species. If you are wanting to go to your local wetlands and take
surveys, I would suggest you take a notepad and just write down everything
you see that you think is important. That would be a good way to train
yourself in the empirical method of observation and data recording.

You can find a variety of suggestions for the educational requirements for
a career in marine mammalogy on the WhaleNet educational resources page, at

Best of luck!


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