Freshwater whales

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Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 15:03:27 EDT

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Subject: Freshwater whales

Question: How can sea-faring creatures such as whales and dolphins live in
both seawater and fresh water such as Lake Michigan? Are the fresh water
whales restricted to the Great Lakes water system or are these seawater
whales that can live in both, or adapt over time to one or the other?

Dear Paul, I took the liberty to do a search on this subject and I found a
great explanation in the WhaleNet archives at:

In addition it appears that in the Spring there is a freshwater whale
migration down the St. Lawrence Seaway to Lake Superior. The whales enter
the lake going through Locks on the far eastern edge of Lake Superior at
Sault Ste Marie.

I hope this answers you question.
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