Extinct whales and whaling

From: Phil Clapham (phillip.clapham@noaa.gov)
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 08:12:31 EDT

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    Sounds like you have school project...

    You can find a lot of this information in youir library or on the Web -
    there's a ton of it out there. But what I'll do is to send you some
    text from a book of mine about these two issues. That should get you

    Phil Clapham

    "Barrell Ross Wakefield (Ross)" wrote:
    > hi mr clapham,
    > we were wondering if you could tell us all the types of extinct whales and
    > all about them and whaling.
    > yours sincercly
    > aimee and jackie
    > aimee.morrissey@warwickshs.qld.edu.au
    > thanks
    > P.S
    > could you please reply before 13th september


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