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Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 14:08:17 EDT

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    hi Kylie:
    > the first one is what is the habitat of the whales?
    It varies from coastal and continental shelf waters (which are fairly
    shallow) to deepest ocean. It depends on the kind of whale. Sperm
    whales live in very deep water, for example, while humpbacks are often
    found closer to the coast (though they often migrate through deep

    > the second is what are their unique features?
    They are uniquely adapted to life in water. Their bodies are
    streamlined, they can dive for very long periods, and they have
    insulation (blubber) to protect them from the cold. The front limbs
    (like front legs) have developed intio flippers, which are much more
    efficient in water. The hind limbs have completely disappeared. And
    the "nose" - the nostrils - have moved back to the top of the head so
    that it's easier for them to breathe without taking water into their

    > the third one is how young are they reared?
    Depends on the kind of whale. They produce milk like other mammals, so
    whale calves spend at least their first few months of life suckling and
    feeding on milk. Whale calves stay with their mothers for six months to
    a year (in the baleen whales), or up to several years (in sperm
    whales). Calves of baleen whales (like humpbacks) separate from their
    moms after a year (sometimes less), but sperm whale kids stay with their
    mothers for many years.

    > i wouldnt have a clue what that last one means because my science
    > teacher gave me this assingment today.
    > i hope you can help me with this research
    > i need this information by today if you can.
    > thankyou for your help
    > from kylie versace


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