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Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 15:35:59 EDT

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    I dont think anyone has done practical studies on the heartbeat of blue
    whales. This work has been done on humpbacks, however, and might have
    been done with grays (since a couple of gray whale calves have been in

    Since heartbeat generally decreases with size, one would certainly
    expect blue whales to have the slowest heartbeat of any animal
    (including gray whales, which are half the size of big blues). The
    heartbeat of a blue whale is probably 4-6 a minute.

    > Lacey Kim wrote:
    > Dear Mr Clapham,
    > I am currently doing some research about finding the animal with the
    > slowest heartbeat, and I was hoping you could help me. I have read
    > that both the Blue Whale and Gray Whale has the slowest in the world &
    > I was wondering which of these is the slowest and what that rate per
    > minute is approximately.
    > I would appreciate any help with this.
    > I know it sounds odd, but I live in a place called Clapham (London) -
    > have you heard of it?
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