humpback whales

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Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 11:32:52 EDT

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    Humpbacks are found along almost the entire coast of Alaska. There are
    large populations in Southeast Alaska, Prince William Sound, Glacier Bay
    et cetera, and also others up along the Aleutians Islands and in the
    Bering Sea.

    The only enemies of humpback whales - other than humans - are killer
    whales and tiger sharks. Killer whales occasionally attack young
    calves, as do tiger sharks; but this occurs mostly either on the
    breeding range (Hawaii for the Alaska population) or on migration.

    Female humpbacks are typically referred to as cows. Males arent rally
    called anytying, though old whalers sometimes referred to them as bulls.

    Phil Clapham
    > abernst4 wrote:
    > I have some important questions for a report that I am doing on
    > humpback whales. I hope you can help.
    > 1. Where in Alaska is the humpback found?
    > 2. What are its enemies?
    > 3. What is the male and female called?
    > Thank you.


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