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Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 09:29:55 EDT

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    Hello our names are Andrew and Katie and we go to Cedarbrook middle school 300 Longfellow Avenue, Wyncote, PA 19095. We are doing a class project about the stereotype of scientists. Last week we drew some pictures of what we think scientists look like, age gender etc. We are contacting you to find out if these stereotypes are true. We would be glad if you answered these questions that we have for you.

    1) What do you look like and what is your age?

    2)Where do you work and what tools and technology do you work with?

    3)What do you wear to work or in your office?

    4)Did you always want to become a scientist? When did you decide?

    5)What is your level of education? Degrees?

    6)Were you always a good student in science class? Where did you go to college?

    7)Do you enjoy your job and is it worth the money you make a year? If not what would you rather be?

    8)Who inspired you the most to become a scientist?

    9)Did your parents always support you in becoming a scientist?

    10)What do you do in your spare time when you're not at the office?

    Thank you for your time and cooperation and please feel free to contact our teacher if you have any questions at and if you can answer these questions please send them your answers to and Please respond by september. 16th

    Thanks again,
          Andrew Joseph and Katie Dager
    Dear Andrew and Katie,

    Sorry to be a bit delayed in responding to your multitude of questions. I just got your message today on the 17th.

    1. There's an ok photo of me on the WhaleNet webpage. I'm 36, brown hair, brown eyes, 5'8". I'm not sure how detailed I'm supposed to provide information, but I suspect you're trying to find out what my race might be. I am Caucasian.

    2. I work at an environmental consulting firm in the Dallas, TX area. My job is pretty much a desk job, but I hope to be getting out in the field in a few weeks to do some SCUBA-related work for the office. My tools are typically the very exciting telephone and computer. We use all sorts of software packages at the office including word processing and GIS, though I personally have not worked with the latter.

    3. I get to wear pretty much what I want, within reason. No shorts though in the office (bummer). I usually wear jeans and a nice-ish shirt. Some folks are in office wear suits, but that is mainly when we have meetings with people coming into the building or we have to go somewhere for a meeting.

    4. I always wanted to be some kind of scientist. Initially though, I really wanted to be a veterinarian, which I consider to be a scientist as well. I decided I wanted to do marine biology somewhere either late high school or early college.

    5. I feel like I went to a school for many, many years. I have a Master's degree (graduate school).

    6. I was a pretty good student in science but not what I'd call spectacular. I had a bad habit of not trying hard at things I'm not interested in (I'm sure you can sympathize with me on this). I was actually better at my English/literature classes. I got my bachelor's at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and my Master's from Texas A&M University.

    7. Hahahahahahaha. Man, this is a loaded question. Do I like my job. I guess it depends on which day you ask me and what I'm doing. Much of the time I feel like I get paid what I should, other times I do not, since I do not get overtime pay and the job can be very stressful at times. I would prefer a job that is less stressful and where I could spend more time in the field. Unfortunately, those are the jobs that don't pay well.

    8. My dad was a scientist and my mom was really into science, so I guess I would say that they did.

    9. My parents always supported me, and I'm very lucky about that.

    10. Hahahhahahahaha. Another loaded question. Spare time. Hmmmm, what's that. I guess this is kind of like what would you like to do if you had the time all the time. I like to read, swim, play with my pets at home, etc. I train my dogs to do agility work (obstacle course stuff), so that is one thing I do in my spare time. I also like to relax and watch TV, stretched out on the sofa.

    Good luck with the project!


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