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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 17:48:39 EDT

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    My name is Brian. In my science class, we talked about the way people usually picture a scientist. Then we were told to e-mail scientists asking about what they are like, so that we could compare real scientists to a stereotypical one. PLease respond to the questions as soon as possible. If you find any questions too personal, you don't have to answer them. If you have any questions concerning this project feel free to contact our teaher at
    1. What line of science are you involved in?
    2. What first got you interested in science?
    3. What do you look like?
    4. Do you make a lot of money as a scientist?
    5. Describe your personality
    So that we can a better feel for how diverse scientists are, please pass this on to other scientists you work with. Thank you!
    Hi Brian,

    Seems that there are a lot of you out there this week doing these surveys. This will be my third this week.

    1. I am a marine mammal biologist, so I guess you could say I'm a marine biologist. I would call myself more a wildlife biologist though. I do environmental consulting work.

    2. I would say both my parents got me interested in science. My dad was a geologist (petroleum engineer) and my mom was really into science as well.

    3. There is a photo of me at the WhaleNet site, albeit not the greatest. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm 36, Caucasian, and 5'8", medium build.

    4. I think I don't make bad money. Of course, I could always be earning way less and perhaps a bit more. Hard to say. It's enough for me to pay the bills and have some money to save and also a little mad money. In general, it depends on what type of science you do in regards to how much you make, as well as how much schooling you have.

    5. I would say I'm reasonably intelligent and nice. I'm very hard working and tenacious. I'm a bit of an over-achiever most of the time.

    Good luck with the survey! I hope these were the kind of answers you needed.

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