SCUBA needed?

Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 11:16:42 EDT

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    "John Ager" <> wrote:

    If you want to be a marine biologist do you need scuba diving experience? If so, what kind?
    It depends on what your job entails. Marine mammal people don't really need SCUBA experience since the animals don't like the bubbles that you're constantly expending. A coral reef biologist on the other hand might extensively use SCUBA, particularly if they are lucky enough to go in the field all the time.

    I personally have my advanced open water certification and am getting ready to take some more classes. I would say it wouldn't hurt to get the open water certification (basic level). The most important thing is to routinely dive (a few dives/yr) and not wait a few years in between, because then you really need a refresher course to jog your memory on this.

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