Keiko housing permit

Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 16:51:11 EDT

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    Dear Ms Fertl,

    My question is regarding Keiko and who holds the "housing" permit for
    him. He was under the care of Ocean Futures but now it seems the HSUS is
    responsible as they are asking for monetary donations to help with the
    care of our wayward whale.

    Also, is there any facility in the US, other than Sea World-Texas that
    could manage his containment as to size etc.

    Thank you,

    mnd (aka)
    C. Hardin
    Elgin, TX
    Dear C,

    As you've probably guessed, I've had a bit of difficulty in fulfilling your request for information. My colleague has gone to now two different people at the Humane Society with no success. See below for the response we received. I figure it might be more appropriate for you to do the follow-ups, because I'm sure my time as the visiting scientist on WhaleNet will be long past before you get the response. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance. Please note the lady's name to use as a contact point. You might also mention that you had tried WhaleNet first and ended up with Earth Island. If you get a chance, you might drop a line back to WhaleNet to let us know what the answers to the Keiko questions were.

    Dagmar Fertl


    Perhaps you’d do well speaking with Mark Berman with Earth Island (phone: 415-788-3666 – better on phone than on email for him). I know Dave Philips from EII just returned from dealing with the Keiko situation and Mark should know how to help (just let him know that Toni Frohoff referred him to you).

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