Whales and why they are needed

From: pulipal@netscape.net
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 10:07:46 EDT

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    can you tell me why it is important to ensure whales do not become extinct?
    aged 8
    Hi Tomas,

    That's a really good question, but probably one even best answered by you. Do you care whether a whale goes extinct or not? Think about what that would mean to you. What might it mean to other people? What might it mean to the balance of nature?

    I recommend you check the WhaleNet archives. I bet you're really good on the computer, and if you go back to the WhaleNet website and look at the ed_resources information, you'll find out how to search for the answer to that question in the archives. I personally have answered that question at least once in the past, and I imagine it's a question often asked of visiting scientists to WhaleNet.

    Happy sleuthing!

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