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    I think that would depend entirely on what it was you wanted to do for a
    career. What I mean is that there are many colleges and universities that
    have sources in marine science and marine mammal biology. Some have
    graduate courses as well, however the marine mammal field has become highly
    specialized and so it is quite likely that you would want training and
    courses in a specialized field, as well as some general marine biology.
     Although I am probably not the best example, I did my undergraduate work
    at a small school in southern Pennsylvania...good whales for

    The Society of Marine Mammology has a good career guide on the web (there
    is a link to it through WhaleNet) called "Strategies for pursuing a career
    in marine mammal science". My advise would be to study up on the work that
    is going on (by subscribing to the MARMAM listserv and becoming a member of
    the Society of Marine Mammaology, or the International Marine Animal
    trainers Association, or the International Association of Aquatic Animal
    Medicine) and see who is doing work that interests you. That might help
    you narrow your search a bit.

    Good luck,


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    I was wondering if you know of any good universities for a career in marine
    mammal biology. Thank you very much for your time.


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