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    Somehow I get the feeling that you hope that I am going to say "math has
    nothing to do with marine biology".

     Sorry, can't do that. This might be because I have never been a big fan
    of math, and somehow ended up working in a biology lab and doing research.
     That means I ended up doing math pretty much every day.

     Here is the way I see it....Math is an important tool for doing science.
     Some fields of science use math more than others. As it turns out,
    biology and natural history use more description and less math than some
    other fields (Charles Darwin wrote a book "The Origin of Species" that
    first explained the theory of natural selection and evolution...long
    book...all math). But math is still very important. For
    example if you want to know how many whales there are in the world you have
    three choices...count them all...make something up...or do some science,
    use some math, and come up with a calculated estimate. You can't do the
    first way, the second way is dumb and won't work, the third way is how
    scientists would try to answer the question.

    I had a friend once tell me that there are three parts of a research
    project, 1.) Fun, 2.) Fun and Math and 3.) Math. Actually the more I use
    math to do things that I want to do, the better I like the math. Still
    can't say that I love it (like some people I know) but it is important.

    good luck,


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     what does math have to do wiht marin biology?
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