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    Being an educational page we don't supply
    direct answers for research assignemnts, but we will te;ll you where the
    info is. Once a teacher, always a teacher--sorry!!

    Here are some links:

    Take care.


    On Sat, 12 Oct 2002

    > hello, my name is Jonelle and i am doing a project for school on whales and
    > am having trouble finding specific information. if you could help me out it
    > would be great.
    > the topics i am having trouble with are:
    > feeding behaviors of baleen and toothed whales
    > habitats of "
    > life cycles of "
    > anatomical sim.s and dif.s of "
    > food webs with organisms for each
    > maps of where different types of whales can be found
    > thank you for your time, i look forward to a speedy responce
    > ~Jonelle E. Gingrich

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