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    Yikes...Jonelle...that is a tall order. In fact it is more than I can get
    into an email. Your best bet would be to check the links at WhaleNet for
    feeding and habits of whales. There are good explanations for both baleen
    and toothed whales. There are also lots of good links to sites with
    information about individual species. If you ruin into specific questions
    I can try to help out.

    Good Luck,


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    hello, my name is Jonelle and i am doing a project for school on whales and
    am having trouble finding specific information. if you could help me out it
    would be great.
    the topics i am having trouble with are:
    feeding behaviors of baleen and toothed whales
    habitats of "
    life cycles of "
    anatomical sim.s and dif.s of "
    food webs with organisms for each
    maps of where different types of whales can be found
    thank you for your time, i look forward to a speedy responce
    ~Jonelle E. Gingrich
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