dolphin reproduction

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Date: Tue Oct 15 2002 - 05:52:26 EDT

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    universite Paul Sabatier
    Toulouse, october 13rd

                             Dear Sir, madam,
    I would greatly appreciate receiving informations on dolphins
    reproduction and education (in french if it's possible).
    thank you in advance for your courtesy.
    sincerely yours,

    marion DEHAN
    apt 78, 12 rue Duguay trouain
    31400 TOULOUSE

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    There are quite a few articles and questions and answers in the WhaleNet
    archive that would give you a lot of information about dolphin

    But perhaps the best place to go for a good summary article on dolphin
    reproduction would be the new Acaademic Press, Encyclopedia of Marine
    Mammals (Perrin et al., eds.), 2002, pp. 1015-1027. This article also has
    some good references listed.

    When you ask about "education", I assume you mean "cognition" and there is
    also an excellent summary article in this volume on Intelligence and
    Cognition, pp. 628-637.

    The following book published in French has some very basic information on
    dolphin reproduction:

    Sylvestre, JP 1990. Guide des Dauphins et Marsouins, Delachaux & Niestle
    S.A., Lausanne, Suisse, pp. 34-35 [ISBN 2 603 00744 0]

    Hope this helps as a starting point.

    Erich Hoyt

    Hope this helps as a start.

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