Killer Whale Anatomy

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Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 06:02:37 EDT

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    Hi I come from the UK.
    I was wondering if you knew of any good books that are available to buy in
    the UK that might help me with my project on Killer Whale anatomy?
    I am having a hard job trying to find any information on their; digestive
    system, skeletal system, excretory system, nervous system, circulatory
    and their respiratory system?!?
    My college library doesn't seem to be able to offer up any good quality
    books and the websites I have searched always bring me to a dead end!
    I hope you can help me as I'm at a loose end!

    Many thanks
    Amy Evans


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    Dear Amy,

    I'm not aware of anything that would neatly solve your problem in one paper
    or volume. BUT the following three volumes have lots of up to date, good
    information on these subjects you mention and should give you enough.
    Unfortunately, they're all somewhat expensive, so you may want to try a
    good university library or interlibrary loan if you have time. Good luck!

    Remember also, that in many cases, there is lots more work that has been
    done on the killer whale's fellow, closely related oceanic dolphins, most
    notably bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, and that you may find that
    you can answer some of the questions by looking at what has been done on
    Tursiops (if nothing exists for orca).

    Reynolds, John E. III and Sentiel A. Rommel (eds). 1999. Biology of Marine
    Mammals. Smithsonian Institution PRess, Washington DC. espec. chapter 2
    on functional morphology p. 15-72, but also other chapters

    Perrin, W.F., B. Würsig and J.G.M. Thewissen, eds. 2002. Encyclopedia of
    Marine Mammals Academic Press, San Diego, CA. [ISBN: 0-12-551340-2]
    various articles (quite a few)

    Dahlheim, ME and Heyning, JE 1999. Killer whale Oricnisu orca (Linnaeus,
    1758) In Handbook of Marine Mammals (SH Ridgway and R. Harrison, eds). p
    281-322. Academic Press, San Diego.


    Erich Hoyt

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