Comparing whales and orcas

From: Erich Hoyt (
Date: Thu Oct 24 2002 - 07:19:30 EDT

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    como puedo compara a una ballena con una orca pero necesito la informacion

    por favor ayudeme es urgente es un reporte oral.


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    Ojala que sea ayudarte. I hope that I can help you.

    Here are some differences between a whale (ballena) and an orca

    A whale (ballena)
    - has no teeth but instead has baleen plates which it uses to sieve water
    from small food items like krill and school fish
    - baleen whales are larger than dolphins or most other toothed whales
    (except for sperm whales)
    - baleen whales have two blowholes
    - baleen whale calves stay with their mothers for a year or two usually,
    but they are not usually found in larger permanent associations. Some
    species of baleen whales do feed together in loose associations.
    - most of the baleen whales have short or no dorsal fins

    An orca
    - has teeth and can eat larger fish, seals, sea lions, dolphins and even
    whales, although it has to hunt in groups to catch larger items
    - orcas are actually dolphins, the largest members of the oceanic dolphin
    - orcas, like all other toothed whales and dolphins, have only one blowhole
    - orcas are very social animals, travelling around with their mothers,
    sometimes for life, and spending a lot of time with their close relatives
    travelling in groups of up to 50 or more
    - orcas have tall dorsal fins (especially the mature male, but also the
    female fin is large compared to body size)

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