Age and Difference between Female and Male Whales

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Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 13:27:09 EST

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    Questions and Answers:
    How long do whales live?
    There is a previously written answer to this question by Dr. Clapham at that I think you will
    find helpful.

    How can you tell if a whale is a girl or a boy?
    For many whale species the males and females are not easy to define because
    they are similar in size and characteristics. You can tell the difference
    if the whale is belly up and you can see the genital slits. In this case
    the females have nipple slits on each side of their genital slit where males
    don't and also males have separate genital and anal openings where females
    do not. Another way to differentiate between males and females is if you
    see a whale with a calf it is most likely a mother whale.

    Thank you for your questions Danielle.

    Happy Holidays!

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