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Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 15:01:20 EST

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    > My name is Verónica Chirino, I live in México. I am finishing my studies at
    > the univesity in law. I am very interesting in environmental law, specially
    > about the sea, I love the whales, I´ve been voluntered in Greenpeace and then
    > I worked for the Government in natural resources. Now I am doing my thesis in
    > whales, I am studying the international protection in whales. I am looking for
    > material and I don't know to whom I can talk about. Could you help me? Can you
    > give me some information about your work and where can I look for it? Two
    > years ago I went to Boston and I went to whale watching in Glauster, It was
    > one of the greatest experiences I had.
    > Reply:
    > Dear Verónica,
    > Please search for information about the International Whaling Commission (IWC)
    > and also about Whale Conservation at WhaleNet:
    > There is a lot of information here
    > that will help you.
    > Thank you and good luck!
    > Kim

    Kim Marshall
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    Please support our efforts to conserve whales and their ocean environment
    through research and education :)

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