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    What are the different types/names of whales?

    You can check your school or local library for

    National Audubon Society Field Guide to Marine Mammals of the World
    by Pieter A. Folkens (Illustrator), Randall R. Reeves (Editor)
    Photographs, drawings and paintings combine with maps, charts and essays to
    provide not only data but also insight into the behavior of these highly
    evolved and specialized animals. The introduction provides a general guide
    to marine mammals: their habitat, behavior, reproduction, diet and
    conservation status. The individual articles are packed with facts about
    each species and the best ways to find and identify them in the wild. The
    articles also describe ways of identifying similar species whose ranges
    overlap. Among this guide's best features are the appendixes, which break
    down the species by region and offer a chart of species morphology and an
    illustrated glossary. This book is ideal for students and amateur animal
    watchers. Color illus. and paintings, maps.


    the Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins
    by Stephen Leatherwood, Randall Reeves, Larry Foster (Illustrator)
    Included is a map of the world that divides the oceans into 8 zones for
    convenience in discussing geographic ranges of the animals covered in the
    The book includes overview material on the ecology and natural history of
    whales and dolphins. It also has a section dedicated to each individual
    species. Each species section includes an extremely nice painting of the
    animal, BW photographs, a narative description, and information on the
    animal's range, behavior, natural history, and conservation status. Overall
    an excellent handbook on the cetacea.

    You might also look at the WhaleNet page called
    Types of Whales / Classification of Species


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