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    My name is Kyle Spinder and I am a student from Pleasant Grove High
    School in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I love sea animals like whales and
    dolphins, and that is why I am doing a research paper on Marine Mammal
    Science. I have always dreamed of training an orca like Shamu from Sea
    World. I would like to ask a few questions.

    How did you get to be where you are?
    FAQS about Orcas?
    Why did you pursue in you career?

    What do I do as a marine mammal scientist or trainer? Our organization is
    dedicated to education about whales and dolphins, especially orcas (killer
    whales). Our focus is on the orcas that inhabit the waters of the Pacific

    How did I get to be where I am? When I first began to learn about whales I
    became very interested in learning more. I soon realized that there was a
    great deal of fascinating new knowledge that had not been told to most people.

    Why did I pursue this career? I also began to realize that whales were in
    danger of losing their sources of food and becoming contaminated by human
    activities. I considered that if people became more educated and aware of
    the amazing capabilities and life styles of whales and dolphins they would
    be less likely to harm them. Thus I began a career in whale education.
    There are many others with similar stories.

    FAQS about Orcas? I refer you to our web page containing just those facts,

    Thanks, and I hope this helps,


    Howard Garrett
    Orca Network
    Greenbank WA
    (360) 678-3451

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