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Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 13:12:52 EST

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    Dear Kathryn,

    I remember this event specifically because it was in the media for weeks!
    It was a memorable event not only because it was a rescue, but also because
    scientists and workers teamed up from the Soviet Union and the United
    States, working side by side. This was during times of much tension between
    the two countries.

    As I recall, it was a matter of weeks for them to help the whales to open
    waters - and it was a successful rescue. The whales did survive. I'm sorry
    I don't remember the exact details - it was a long time ago!

    Thank you for your question!


    Lisa Foerster
    Center for Oceanic Research and Education
    245 Western Ave, Box 8
    Essex, MA 01929

    Original Message:
    From: Kathryn White
    Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 12:18:08 -0000
    Subject: late migration

    In 1988 three grey whales were trapped in closing polar ice near barrow.
    volunteers cut a mile long strong of breathing holes to help the whales get
    to open water.
    Do you have an more details of this event. How long did it take to make
    the escape route and were the whales freed from the ice?
    Many thanks
    Kathryn White

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