deep diving; whales; sharks

Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 12:26:58 EST

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    Hi my name is Lisa. I would like to know how whales, sharks, and other
    organisms are able to survive down in the depths of the ocean with the
    water pressure being so high. Please if you know any web-sites with this
    type of information could you give them to me.

    Dear Lisa,

    Nice name! (It's my first name, too!) This is a very good question, and
    there is a large amount of information in the WhaleNet website that already
    answers this question about surviving at depth. First, go to the search
    page for WhaleNet - - then type in
    "deep diving" to complete the search. You will see several interesting
    pages that deal with this very subject.

    Good luck!


    Lisa Foerster
    Center for Oceanic Research and Education

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