Right Whale; Florida

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Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 13:32:46 EST

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    On January 21 at 5:00 P.M. I observed from our beach front condo 5 miles
    south of St. Augustine, FL what I believe to be a Right Whale, i.e. no
    fin. It was less than a mile offshore traveling north to south. It breached
    three times and surfaced to blow at least 10 times during the 1/2 hour I
    able to observe it with 50 power binoculars. There was no wind and I was
    to track it from the boils in the shallow water with each tail thrust. Is
    your organization interested in lay reports like this? I found your site on
    google while looking up information on Right Whales. I am an
    and sportsman spending considerable time on and around the water. Jerry

    Dear Mr. Rusk,

    You, very likely did observe a Northern Right Whale. A portion of the
    population of Right Whales overwinters off the Florida/Georgia coast. We
    certainly appreciate your report, but our research concentrates on humpback
    and fin whales. There is a group out of the New England Aquarium called the
    Right Whale Project - they might be very interested in your observations
    and any photographs you might have taken.

    You can contact the Right Whale Project through the New Englad Aquarium
    website: www.neaq.org

    Thank you for interest in right whales.


    Lisa Foerster
    Director, Center for Oceanic Research and Education

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