Beached Whales

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Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 08:24:50 EST

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    > Dear Kim do you know why do whales go on the beach ?
    > Reply:
    > Dear Bridget,
    Scientists are not sure exactly what causes whales to strand or beach
    themselves. One of the reasons whales beach themselves is because of
    disease. Some species have a tight knit social structure so that if one
    member is accidentally beaches, the rest will follow. It is also being
    researched as to whether sometimes a whale's sense of direction can be
    thrown off by different factors. This is what some scientists think
    happened to a whale named Moby that was beached in Scotland in the spring of
    1997. They believe that Moby, along with other whales, turned too soon
    during their migration which caused them to become disoriented and lose
    their sense of direction. To read more about this incident, check out this
    WhaleNet page: You can
    also try this web site for more information:

    Thank you!

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