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Date: Mon Feb 17 2003 - 10:36:44 EST

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    > my name is kristina and i am nearly 13.
    > i have wanted to be a marine biologyist since i was 8!! it would be a dream
    > come true if i became one, i have been whale watching twice, dolphin watching
    > 1 and i have also sam with dolphins which was great. it brought me closer to
    > marine life!!
    > well i would really just like to know what a marine biologyist really does all
    > i know is they find out new infomation!! on the life of the sea?
    > i would also like to know what gcses i will need to take?
    > well i hope you can help me!!!

    Dear Kristina,
    Please go to WhaleNet¹s section. There is
    a lot of information about how to become a marine biologist.

    Thank you and good luck!


    Kim Marshall
    Executive Director
    Ocean Alliance (Whale Conservation Inst. & the Voyage of the Odyssey)
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    781.259.0423 ext. 14 fax 259.0288
    Please support our efforts to conserve whales and their ocean environment
    through research and education :)

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