St-Lawrence river belugas, preparing for winter

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Date: Wed Feb 19 2003 - 11:27:48 EST

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    Hi Heidi,

    Baleen species migrate seasonally, moving from summer feeding grounds to
    winter breeding and calving areas. Toothed whales, including the beluga, are
    less likely to migrate but some belugas do. Beluga whales are entirely
    arctic and subarctic and have a variety of adaptations to living in these
    cold waters. The main preparation for winter is probably just an increase in
    the thickness of their blubber layer. Check out this link to WWF Canada,, and search for beluga. There is a lot of useful

    Cathy Schaeff

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    > Dear Ms Cathy Schaeff,
    > My daughter Zoe is working on a science project and is
    > looking for information on how beluga whales -- and
    > more particularly St-Lawrence's whales -- prepare for
    > and deal with winter. Any URLs we should look at?
    > (we've already done a few google searches on the
    > subject and are not coming up wih an answer).
    > Thank you!
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