how many whales

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Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 20:59:06 EST

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    How amny whales are there? Dep[ends on what you mean by "whale". Whale
    can mean two things: the big animal, or "cetacean", which is the group
    that includes all the whales, dophins and porpoises. There are around 80
    different kinds of cetaceans, but only about 13 or 14 of these are big
    whales. these are:
    fin whale
    Antarctic minke
    right whale
    pygmy right whale
    sperm whale

    Smallest is the pygmy right whale (less than 30 feet), biggest is the blue
    whale (more than 100 feet and around 150-200 tons in the biggest cases).

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    > How many kinds oof whales are there and whats there names ane how > long do they get?

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