mass strandings

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Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 16:46:18 EST

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    Hi Andrei,

    You are referring to mass strandings. They typically involve odonticetes (toothed whales) rather than baleen species. There is quite a bit of info on this through whalenet ( Try searching using the terms mass strandings. If you need statistical information, I would suggest you start by searching scientific articles at jstor (

    Hope that this helps,

    Cathy Schaeff
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          Dear Sirs!

          My name is Andrei A. Khudiakov and I am a Doctor in History trying to make some research of a phenomenon found in the sea. I am talking about cases of mass suicide (?) commited by whales, dolphins and other representatives of the sea fauna when they jump out onto dry land.

          I was hoping that You could assist me in obtaining statistical information on when and where such cases had occurred. Perhaps You could direct me to a web resoursewhere I could find a map with such information.

              Kind regards,
              Andrei A. Khudiakov

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