Purpusing an interest in Marine Biology

From: Cathy Schaeff (schaeff@american.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 16:41:36 EST

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    Hi John,

    There are a large number of sites with information about whales but much of it is fairly superficial. If you have done a thorough search of the internet (e.g., sites like the International Whaling Commission (http://www.iwcoffice.org/Default.htm), whalenet, Society for the Study of Marine Mammals) then, in order to get the depth you are interested in, I would suggest going to books and scientific articles. You should be able to identify appropriate titles online but make sure that you check out the special volumes put out by the International Whaling Commission and the Smithsonian publications (http://www.si.edu/publications/).


    Cathy Schaeff
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      hi Cathy
      im john from calgary alberta canada.
      i am extremely interested in marine biology.
      i am 22 years old and did very poor in science in high school.
      although i am not pursuing marine biology as a career, i really want to study balleen and toothed whales as a hobby. i would really appriciate it if you could e-mail me some sites that i would be able to find all the species of whales and dolphins. i want to know diets, habitats, reprodution, and scientific discoveries on these mammels. i am extremely passionate about the ocean and would really appriciate any help you could give me. i have basic information, but i want more in depth info. thank you for yor time
      john marsh johnnymarsh@hotmail.com

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