Why save the whales?

From: Cathy Schaeff (schaeff@american.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 04 2003 - 16:36:21 EST

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    Hi Mrs. Shellhaas,

    There are a variety of reasons for saving whales, depending upon why you
    feel they are valuable. If you feel that they are valuable in and of
    themselves, as a species living on the earth, then you could argue that they
    have as much right to exist as we, humans, do and their right should be
    respected. If you value them as unique, majestic creatures, different from
    others that exist, you can argue that saving whales saves something special,
    something not represented in other species, even other mammals. You could
    also argue that whale watching and other tourist-related endeavors are good
    business and so whales should be protected because it it good economically
    (you could also use this argument for the sustained harvest of whales -- if
    you thought that sustained harvest could be achieved). Finally, you could
    argue that whales are part of a functioning ecosystem that evolved over
    millions of years and that their continued existence is needed to ensure
    that their marine ecosystem also continues.

    Hope that this helps you out. I am really glad that Nebraska children are
    learning about and becoming engaged in the conservation of species.

    Cathy Schaeff
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    > We are a second grade class learning about whales. We are writing a
    > persuasive paper on saving whales. Can you give us three reasons why
    > Nebraska children should help protect whales? We already have a good list
    > but we would like to know from an expert. We hope to use your ideas in
    > our papers.
    > Thank you for your web site. It was fun to see the pictures in Whalenet.
    > We have never seen whales or even the ocean but we think whales are
    > beautiful!
    > Thank you for your help.
    > Mrs. Shellhaas' Second graders
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