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Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 12:54:03 EST

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    Afraid I'm not involved in this area. The logical place to try is the
    marine mammal program at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La
    Jolla, California; and (for temp data) Scripps Institute of Oceanography
    (also in La Jolla).

    Phil Clapham

    Michael F. McCann wrote:
    > Philip,
    > I'm trying to locate tabular data about the dates of initial seasonal
    > whale contact and final seasonal whale contact for various species of
    > whales in the Sea of Cortez and on the West coast of Baja California.
    > I'd like also to locate water temperature data for the same (or nearby)
    > locations. If possible, I'd like this data to be in a form that would
    > allow me to download it and process it myself.
    > Have you any suggestions?
    > Thanks.
    > Michael
    > Michael F. McCann
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    > West Lebanon, NH 03784
    > (603) 298-5437 (voice)
    > (603) 298-7586 (fax)


    Phillip J. Clapham, Ph.D. Large Whale Biology Program Northeast Fisheries Science Center 166 Water Street Woods Hole, MA 02543, U.S.A.

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