what do whales drink

From: Pieter Folkens (animalbytes@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 12:37:54 EST

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    All animals need water. Indeed, animals are mostly made of water.

    A long time ago, back when the ancestors of modern whales were first
    exploring an aquatic life style (during the Paleocene,around 55 million
    years ago), some of the mammalian evolutionary experiments would forage
    (hunt for food) in the sea, but crawl back to the beach and fresh water
    areas (lakes and rivers) to drink fresh water. What an inconvenience!
    Other animals found sufficient H2O (pure water) in the food they ate.
    The latter development no longer required a trip to find fresh water.
    It was this ability that proved more successful, and that group of
    animals eventually evolved into the modern whales.

    A similar condition of being able to get sufficient water from food
    resources is also found in some desert animals and birds. Can you
    identify them?

    Think of it. If you ate mostly fresh juicy fruits (peaches, watermelon,
    etc.) you would not have to drink much pure water to stay fully

    Some good words for your vocabulary list: mammalian, forage,hydrate


    Pieter Folkens
    Alaska Whale Foundation

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    >            Our third grade class is researching whales. One of our
    > questions is “What do whales drink?” Do you know the answer? We can’t
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