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Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 13:54:03 EST

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    > Hello Doctor, my name is Dache' Hill. I am a junior in high school
    > and am interested in a career in Marine Mammal Science. I was
    > wondering if you could send me a list of the best colleges to go to
    > and who to look for when finding a job in my chosen career.I would
    > greatly appreciate it if you would. Thank you for your time.

    > Sincerely,
    > Miss Dache' Hill

    It would be imprudent and politically incorrect for me to comment too
    much on 'the best colleges.' Here in Central California we have several
    colleges San Jose State, UC Davis, Stanford, UC Santa Cruz, San
    Francisco State all of which have marine studies programs. Their
    coastal facilities include the Bodega Marine Lab, Long Marine
    Lab/Center for Coastal Studies, and Moss Landing. Oregon State
    University has the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Not all colleges
    with marine programs are as strong in marine mammals as they are in
    things like oceanography or fisheries. For example, the University of
    Washington in Seattle is very big on oceanography with a smaller
    emphasis on marine mammals. In contrast, Texas A&M has a strong program
    focusing on marine mammals. Woods Hole Institute of Oceanography covers
    a wide spectrum of marine subjects, including marine mammals. I suggest
    you start looking at every coastal state and their university programs.
    You have an interesting an enjoyable hunt ahead of you.

    As for careers, I will direct you to the Society for Marine Mammalogy
    web site and suggest you click on the 'careers' button. I suggest you
    join the Society as a student member and get the Journal, Marine Mammal
    Science. You might also join the MARMAM listserve to get a sense of job
    offerings and internships. Another resource can be found at the
    National Marine Fisheries Service web site (National Oceanic and
    Atmospheric Administration NOAA).

    Good luck!

    Pieter Folkens

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