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From: Erich Hoyt (EHoyt@compuserve.com)
Date: Mon Mar 31 2003 - 08:16:31 EST

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    My name is Loretta Whitty and Im 14 years old and im doing year nine at
    school or form 3. my class is doing an assignment on how human impacts have
    affected the Blue whale, the Humpback and the Minke whale. If you could
    please send me information on that topic it would be greatly appreciated



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    Dear Loretta

    There is lots of information on human impacts on the WhaleNet website. You
    need to think about what all the possible impacts are. Here's a short list
    of categories to search:

    fishing gear entanglements (whales getting caught in lines and nets, etc.)
    ship collisions at sea
    oil spills
    global warming

    I would search under these and other similar topics for blue, humpback and
    minke whales and you will find lots of information.

    Try these WhaleNet pages as starting points:

    How to Find page: http://whale.wheelock.edu/howtofind.html

    Species information page:

    Good luck with your project.

    Erich Hoyt

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