GIS and GPS used in tracking marine mammals

From: Erich Hoyt (
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 18:34:16 EDT

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    From: Jessica Tyrrell <>
    Subject: GIS and GPS used in tracking marine mammals
    Date: Sun, Apr 6, 2003, 7:27 PM

    Dear Mr. Hoyt,

            How can GIS and GPS be used to track marine mammals?

                                                             Jessica Tyrell
                                                             BCIT student
                                                             GIS and remote
                                                              sensing class

    GPS offers many practical advantages in the field in terms of accurate data
    collection (as part of a suite of records taken during sightings). As tools
    for mapping, they are very important for marine mammal conservation, in work
    that relates to studies of abundance and distribution, food (prey)
    distribution, and habitat protection, among other things. GIS mapping is
    changing the way we perceive the ocean, and is helping us understand why
    whales go where they do, and why they find particular parts of the ocean
    more desirable than others. This will help us better define their habitat
    which will allow improved conservation through marine protected areas and
    other means.

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