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Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 18:17:52 EDT

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    Wow, this is a tight deadline for so many questions, but here goes:

    See the answers below.

    >From: "Sam Broom" <>
    >Subject: Marine Scientist
    >Date: Tue, Apr 8, 2003, 5:40 PM

    > I have a college class where I have to have a marine biologist answer some
    > questions. it is due Wed, or tomorrow so I am kind of in a hurry. If you
    > could please answer tthe following questions I would greatply appreciate it.
    > You don't have to answer questions you don't want to. Just e-mail me the
    > answers back. Thanks a bunch.
    > Name: Erich Hoyt
    > Where you work: Home/office in Scotland + in the field (Japan, Iceland,
    Russia, etc.)
    > Occupation: Self employed researcher, lecturer and author
    > Q. What skills, talents, and personal characteristics are needed for working
    > in this field? Writing, speaking and research skills; perseverance; attention
    to detail.
    > Q. How do your education and experience relate to what you are doing now? I am
    mostly self-educated and that plus my experience relate directly to and is
    responsible for what I am doing now.
    > Q. What kind of experience will help me enter this field? Field experience
    with cetaceans; practice in research and writing skills.
    > Q. Could you recommend some classes to take for this career? See the WhaleNet
    page on careers - it's exhaustive.
    > Q. Are there any schools that are recognized in this industry? See WhaleNet
    careers page.
    > Q. What are the benefits of your job? Work for myself; satisfaction of
    publishing books and papers with original work; working as a 'pioneer' in an
    area. Travel and adventure often paid for...
    > Q. What do you think of the experience I have so far, in terms of getting
    > into this position? I don't know.
    > Q. What are some alternative routes in this occupation? numerous.
    > Q. Are there other individuals you could recommend I speak with to learn
    > more about this occupation? WhaleNet page on careers.
    > Q. What is the average pay for this job? no idea: $10,000 to $100,000+ and it
    varies a lot from year to year.
    > Q. Describe how you spend your time during a typical workday? mostly at a
    computer writing. But in some seasons out in the field all day.
    > Q. What things do you like most about your job? Least? freedom to spend my
    days how I please and to design the future... Too much time sitting at the
    > Q. What are the greatest pressures, strains, or problems that you must deal
    > with in your work? Balancing family, work, including travel pressures.
    > Q. How many hours do you usually work? What yours do you usually work? 10-12
    hours a day, 6 days a week.
    > Q. Do you work with people? through email and phone and sometimes meetings,
    but mostly I work alone
    > Q. Has your work experience differed very much from what you imagined it
    > would be? In what way? I didn't imagine it really, just lived it.
    > Q. How would one get to this position? Not sure, mine was an unconventional
    > Q. What trends do you see developing in this field? not sure of the question
    > Q. Is there a high turnover rate in this field? I'm self employed so the only
    turnover would be if I had no work. So far, luckily, I've always had 2-3 x
    as many ideas and projects and commissions than I could possibly do.
    > Q. What type of people is in this type of field? (awkwardly phrased question!
    I suppose people who are independent and self-starting and self-motivated.
    > Q. Did you imagine yourself having this job when you were younger? Yes, I
    always wanted to do my own thing, and I wanted it to be something creative,
    but I wasn't sure what it would be.
    > Q. Where did you attend college? I never attended college, but later had a
    mid-career fellowship at MIT and Harvard, which was very influential and
    helpful in my career. I have taught as a visiting lecturer at graduate
    school level in universities in the US and UK I suppose partly to prove to
    myself that I didn't miss anything and that attending college wasn't

    > Thanks
    > Sam

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