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Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 18:10:57 EDT

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    Hi, my name is Thuy Ngo. I'm currently attending Oslo Middle School of Vero
    Beach Florida in the 8th grade. For our Gifted Science class, we are
    studying Endangered Species. We are all picking our own animals and making
    our own presentation for the younger science classes at our school on Earth
    Day. My endangered species if the Blue Whale. If there is anything you could
    please send me as in brochures, names of organizations, or anything to do
    with the helping the blue whale, please send them to:

    Thuy Ngo
    130 s 19th Circle SW
    Vero Beach, Fl 32962

    Thank you very much,
    Sincerely, Thuy

    Dear Thuy,

    I am based in Scotland so it would take some time for brochures to get to
    you; it would be much faster and simpler to go on to websites if you have
    internet access.

    I would suggest that first you go to species information page of the
    WhaleNet website and read more on blue whales. The species page is

    Some of the entries you could try (but there are lots of others) include:

    American Cetacean Society¥ Species Links
    CETACEA - Brief overview of a wide variety of species with habitat range
    Cetacea¥, Illinois State Academy of Sciences (ISAS) - Listing of species.
    Discovering Whales¥, nicely done page. Still Free - listing by species
    Marine Mammals¥, Classifications and descriptions by species

    Just go down this list on the web page and keep looking for blue whale
    items...there's lots of very useful, relevant things.

     You can get good information on blue whales also from the website of, as I know that this group (The Whale & Dolphin Conservation
    Society) sponsors research into blue whales.

    Good luck!

    Erich Hoyt

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