Whale song notation

From: Erich Hoyt (erich.hoyt@virgin.net)
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 19:17:48 EDT

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    >Subject: Whale song notation
    >Date: Thu, Apr 10, 2003, 10:39 PM

    > Hello!
    > My 5th grade daughter, Heather, (who does not have an e-mail account) is
    > looking specifically for the notation of whale songs for a school
    > project. She has looked on many Web sites without success.
    > Can you describe whale song notation? Or do you have any pointers on
    > where to find this information?
    > Thanks,
    > Bo AKA Heather's Daddy

    I have several sources in books:

    the best description, with some nice diagrams and pictures, is in the
    Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, edited by William F. Perrin et al, published
    by Academic Press in 2002, on pp 1124-1137.

    You should be able to get this in a good university or main public

    Failing that, there must also be descriptions in Roger Payne's book of
    several years ago Among Whales (Scribner's was the publisher) as he was the
    first to describe whale song in humpback whales.

    His wife Katy Payne did a lot of the notation, and there is probably some of
    this in her book on elephants published about 5-6 years ago by Simon &
    Schuster. This book partly talks about how she applied her whale notation
    techniques in an effort to understand elephant sounds.

    Finally, Peter Evans 1987, The Natural History of Whales & Dolphins also has
    some description and pictures of whale song notation.

    I don't have these books handy, but you should be able to find them easily
    through Amazon.com or a good used book store.

    Hope this helps,

    Erich Hoyt

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