Whales, need help picking a species for a report

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Date: Fri Apr 18 2003 - 14:03:40 EDT

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    Dear scientist Dagmar Ferdl,
           I am a 3rd grader at Bittersweet elementary. My teacher says that we have to do a report on a kind of Whale. I was wondering if you could get me some information on a whale that nobody might had heard of my age. (9) These are some types of whales I know. Baleen, toothed, humpback, killer, gray, white,sperm, blue, rorcha, and the tiny one . I forgot that ones name when we were studying whales. Actually we still are studying whales right now. They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocool. It is hard to believe me, Patrick Adkins, is actually e-mailing a whale scientist Well, I better let you read another persons E-mail.

    P.S. Remember to E-mail me back. Oh can Ialso get some information about you so I could share and have proof that I E-mailed a whale sceintist I'll have the best progect. Sincerely, Patrick Adkins

    Dear Patrick,

    I recommend you look thru the links found at the WhaleNet website for information on different types of whales. While I'm flattered that you're excited to be talking to a whale biologist, I think you should do some library work (look at an encyclopedia?) and figure out which whale species you're interested in. I don't think your teacher wanted me to: (1) pick out the whale species for you, and (2) also do all the work for you about what's cool about the species. I'm sure your public or school librarian(s) can be a first good step to figuring out what you'd like to talk about. You have to remember...what's cool to me might be really boring to you. There are many, many different types of whales - baleen whales and toothed whales. When you figure out which species, and can show either me or any other visiting scientist that you have at least tried to start some of the work on your own, I'm sure we'd be more than happy to help you with looking for some additional information on that topic. Remember to also be sp
    ecific with your information needs. There are people like me who have thousands of articles in their library about whales, so I can't possibly tell you everything you might want to know over email.

    Good luck!

    Dagmar Fertl

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