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    Hello, My name is Sara and I have to do a project for my marine biology class. I just need to have a marine biologist answer some questions. I have to have direct answers from a marine biologist to get full credit.

    What new methods in dolphin safe tuna fishing have developed in the past decade?

    Have any other species been affected by these new methods?

    I'm sure your teacher didn't want the marine biologist to take all the fun of looking for the information away from you. So, I recommend that you check a variety of sources for more information. Look thru the WhaleNet archives and the links provided at the site. Also, check out:


    1. Since the 1980s and the advent of the "dolphin safety panel" and the "backdown" procedure, there have been no majo new procedures or technological advances for catching tuna in association with dolphins. Although fishers that use dolphin to locate tuna have gotten more skilled with using these techniques for saving dolphins, resulting in much lower dolphin mortality than in the past.

    2. Other fishing methods, such as setting on floating objects instead of dolphins has also served to reduce dolphin deaths, but often results in high levels of other types of unintentional catch or "bycatch" such as juvenile fish, sharks, billfish, and sea turtles.

    Hope this helps, and good luck (as well as, Happy Easter!)

    Dagmar Fertl

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