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Date: Sun May 18 2003 - 12:08:42 EDT

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        Hi, my name is Amber MacLeod. I'm a junior at Homestead High School in
    Ft. Wayne, IN. I'm interested in pursuing a career in marine biology or
    oceanography. I might be staying down in Oldsmar, Florida (near Tampa) this
    summer with family and I wanted to get a job down there or volunteer to get
    some experience in this field. I was wondering if you knew of any programs
    down there that I could get involved in for the time I'm staying there.
    Also, going into my senior year of High School, I'm looking around for
    different college opportunities. I want to attend a college with a good
    marine biology program. What colleges have this kind of program? What kind
    of things can I do before college to prepare for a career in Marine
    Biology? Hopefully you can answer some of my questions, I'm looking forward
    to hearing back from you.

                                   Thanks for your time!

    I'm afraid I'm not aware of any such opportunities in the Tampa area, but
    some local inquiries should turn up something. I'll refer you to the
    resource on marine mammal careers at
    http://www.whalenet.org/whalenet-stuff/ed_resources.html#careers. These
    links will help you find the schools with good marine mammal programs and
    the kinds of jobs available. I also recommend you take courses in the
    so-called "humanities," like anthropology, sociology and linguistics,
    because the more advanced studies of cetaceans are drawing on paradigms and
    terminology found in those disciplines.

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